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Prevalence and clinical characteristics of adult-onset atopic dermatitis with positive skin prick testing to mites
Kanokvalai Kulthanan,1 Leena Chularojanamontri,1 Araya Manapajon1 and Piyavadee Nuchkull1

Jarmila Čelakovská1, Květuše Ettlerová2, Karel Ettler1, Jaroslava Vaněčková1

The effect of wheat allergy on the course of atopic eczema in patients over 14 years of age
Jarmila Čelakovská1, Květuše Ettlerová2, Karel Ettler1, Jaroslava Vaněčková1, Josef Bukač3




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Trening og vakker hud

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Kosthold og sunn hud

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